Key Benefits of CBE

A professor works with a student at a table.

Competency-Based Education can result in benefits for several groups involved in a university‚Äôs community. Expand each item below to learn more. 

Key Benefits for Students

Flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime, and on any timeline, no matter personal circumstances.

Earn credits for experiences that came from military service, civilian workplaces, hobbies, or self-study, allowing them to save time and money.

Quality of degree guaranteed and shown by collected artifacts from demonstrations of mastery.

Key Benefits for KU and its Internal Constituencies

Enhance our reputation as the only relatively open access AAU institution of higher education.

Share enhanced revenue with those departments and faculty who choose to participate.

Increase university revenue by tapping into new groups of underserved students to allow greater investment in faculty and research.

Key Benefits for For External Constituencies

Communicate the value of a KU degree. Employers can understand what students know, and students can understand what organizations need.

Competency-Based Education provides students with more control over their economic futures and grants employers greater confidence in their human resource investment.